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Improve Your Trading System With Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis uses real market data and is suitable for short term trading, combining advantages of both technical and fundamental approaches.
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What’s Inside?

Complete set of indicators and web tools to trade market sentiment.
Full list of FXSSI products

Forex Order Book

Provides you with real market data based on client positioning.

9 MT4 Indicators for Sentiment Analysis

Meet all the sentiment indicators on your favourite MT4 Terminal

7 Web Tools for Market Sentiment analysis

The FXSSI web tools help with the in-depth analysis of a market structure.

What You'll Like

Meet the useful features and benefits of FXSSI Indicators!
Original algorithm
FXSSI indicators are based on unique algorithms. It is the first sentiment analysis toolbox of its kind.
Ready to use
Tired of the endless indicator settings process? Our indicators are ready to use right out of the box.
Available for web and MT4
Choose whether to get data directly from your browser or through the MetaTrader4 platform.
12 forex currency pairs
Get the data on all major currency pairs and some minors so you can make the trades that matter.
Up to 6 months history depth
Up to 6 month history will be uploaded, so you can backtest indicators right after you start.
Quick & easy setup
There is no need to copy files manually. Our installer will automatically install indicators to your terminal, making the setup process much easier.

What Traders Say About FXSSI

616+ traders joined us in the last 7 days
For a few years now I have happily used FXSSI MT4 indicators on a daily basis and I really love them. They are so powerful in examining sentiment analysis closely. They have revolutionized my trading and the way the Forex market operates.
Dave Bennett
When I came across the FXSSI tools, this experience was an eye-opener: giving the ability to see order book in its various forms in real-time, the sentiment current and pending...The stop loss clusters were the icing on the cake.
Forex trader
FXSSI website has the best sentiment indicators I've ever seen. If you follow the Sentiment Strategy, this software is some powerful stuff for your trading. The team has done tremendous work in developing these tools. Thanks a lot!
Andy Garcia
FXSSI Customer
Guys did an amazing job with their products! Absolutely love the simple layout of their Profit Ratio indicator.
Erik Pettersen
FXSSI customer
FXSSI sentiment tools provide sufficient data to carry out an accurate and comprehensive market analysis. This resource is truly excellent. Looking forward to what guys will develop next.
Vihan Chopra
FXSSI customer
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