March 23, 2021
Ever thought about what is the highest currency in the world today? Most likely, you’re thinking now about British Pound, US Dollar, or Euro… Well, guess again. There are at least a few currencies with a higher value than these three. We’ve put together a
March 18, 2021
Sharp spikes in stock prices can make any trader uneasy, especially if they are a beginner. However, high volatility is not always a bad thing. But first things first. Let’s get the terminology out of the way. Simply put, volatility is price changeability
February 6, 2021
You’ve probably heard something along the lines of “the Dow gained 15 points today” or “NASDAQ index is down 40 points”. What does this mean, and what is an index? Simply put, a stock market index is a relative term for a “basket” of securities combined t
December 28, 2020
2020 has been anything but a stable year. With the growing political and economic uncertainty, gold has become a popular investment option for many people looking for ways to reduce risks and diversify their portfolios. The price of gold, as the main anti
December 1, 2020
Investing is always a great way of generating additional profit. The ever-changing world we live in today gives us plenty of investment opportunities – stocks, real estate, commodities, gold, and even art. What about currencies though? Is it worth i
November 30, 2020
In one of our earlier articles we’ve described the top 10 most expensive currencies in the world, but our today’s list is going to be a bit different. What does the term “stable money” mean? Simply put, a stable currency is the one, which holds its exchan
October 23, 2020
Low price doesn’t always mean bad quality. In fact, you may find yourself making good money by investing in a bunch of inexpensive shares. Lots of stocks under ten dollars have a great potential to generate profit in the long run. Some of cheap stocks pay
September 16, 2020
There is no shortage of financial instruments on offer for investors and speculators to trade. Almost anything that can be, has been turned into a security or a derivative and made tradable in one way or another. Everything from valuable and practical com
August 7, 2020
During the history, a lot of countries suffered from severe inflation, which usually caused a depreciation of local currencies. In some cases, the ridiculously enormous number of zeroes could barely fit on the banknotes. That's when the redenomination hel
June 3, 2020
What comes to your mind when you hear about the most valuable metal in the world? We bet a lot of people would think about gold, silver, or platinum first. But in reality, those are somewhere in the middle of the list by their value in the commodity marke