June 16, 2021
Many new traders believe that finding success in Forex trading, or financial markets trading generally, is simply the product of finding a strategy that works and applying it to the markets consistently. However, any seasoned trader will tell you that thi
May 7, 2021
So, you’ve employed your strategies on the demo account and you feel you are ready to start live trading? Great! But how do you know for sure that you’re ready to switch over to a live Forex account? Here are 8 clear signs you’re ready to invest your mone
April 15, 2021
There is a popular belief among traders that you can start Forex trading with a little amount of money and become a multimillionaire in just a few weeks. This is highly unlikely. In fact, research shows that 95% of retail Forex traders fail to succeed, an
March 31, 2021
Have you ever thought about trading forex, but you weren’t sure whether you should or not or whether forex trading is really worth it? You’re not alone and you are right to be cautious before pursuing forex trading – the majority of retail traders w
January 20, 2021
Drawdowns happen to everyone all the time. They are as much a part of trading as profits and order execution. That’s why you never hear about eliminating them. Rather, it’s always about how to reduce a drawdown in Forex. The foundation of every trade is a
October 28, 2020
Alongside Googling “how to make money online”, entering a search query asking “how to become a successful Forex trader” is going to yield almost as many misguided and sensationalist recommendations. Unfortunately, these simple questions do not have simple
August 29, 2020
One area where all traders struggle with is determining where to place their stop loss. New traders are repeatedly told to stick to a strict risk-reward ratio and religiously follow their trading plan. Fiddling with a Stop Loss can be a sign that you are
August 19, 2020
Many experienced traders can make it look as if Forex is easy. Just as many professional race car drivers make what they do look easy. It takes a lot to be successful in anything. The truth is, Forex is hard work to learn. It doesn’t require any special s
July 19, 2020
Technical analysis is a topic that divides online trading communities. Your first thought might be that traders are bickering about which indicators and technical analysis setup will deliver the best results. But as a matter of fact, traders are normally
July 7, 2020
Trading in Forex is quite an adventure. Many people choose to travel the world to ‘find themselves’. If you really want to embark on a soul searching experience, trading is an excellent way to genuinely get to know yourself. We’ve made a list of what we b