July 10, 2021
Identifying and drawing support and resistance levels are usually some of the first few things a novice trader learns in forex technical analysis. And depending on the instructor or trade academy, there are several ways to draw these levels on your charts
June 12, 2021
If you ask any trader what they look for before taking a trade and chances are the word confluence is going to up. Whether this is a fundamental trader looking to play a strong currency against a weaker one, or a price action trader waiting to see how pri
May 26, 2021
Among the many Forex technical indicators to choose from, moving averages continue to be one of the most popular trading tools out there. Due to the effectiveness, beginner traders through to seasoned professionals include moving averages in their trading
April 30, 2021
One of the most widely used sets of tools in forex is the Fibonacci one. And the most common Fibonacci tools are Fibonacci retracement, expansion, arcs, time zones, and fan. In this article, you’ll learn about each Fibonacci tool and how you can use it in
March 9, 2021
Pivot points are potential turning points for currency pairs in forex. Prices often react when they get close to these levels, offering trading opportunities to forex traders. However, predicting forex pivot points could be difficult sometimes because the
August 9, 2020
One of the strangest terms that might have come your way as a Forex novice is ‘broker’. You may have learned that brokers always have trading platforms where you can view charts and tattoo them with the squiggly lines as you see on the charts of advanced
June 8, 2020
When developing a new day trading strategy, whether to use indicators will most likely be a question you'll find yourself asking. When implemented alongside prudent risk management, finding the best indicators for day trading Forex can take your strategy
November 9, 2019
All traders coming to the Forex market are, first of all, handed a chart, by which they must predict the future price movement. In most cases, it is a two-dimensional chart constructed along the price and time axes. As traders become more experienced with
November 6, 2019
With this manual, we’ll teach the terminal to signal when the price hits a certain price level via voice messages. The feature is useful, since enabling such alerts will help you to reduce the time spent in front of the computer monitor. This Forex life h
October 28, 2019
“Forex is MT4!” This slogan should be offered to MetaQuotes company developed this immortal terminal. Indeed, about 90% of traders are users of this terminal. So why is MT4 still the most popular terminal today? You may have already guessed from the title