Black Friday Deal 2023

Terms of the Deal:

  1. Lifetime plan duration. Unless terminated as provided under the terms of this Agreement, agrees to provide the Customer with the Service on a "lifetime" basis. "Lifetime" shall be defined as for as long as continues to provide any commercial service or, in any event, a minimum of 10 years from the date of Customer purchase.
  2. Features set. The Lifetime plan includes the following options: all web tools, all MT4/MT5 indicators, 5 active terminals, and up to 6 months of history depth.
  3. Future updates. The Lifetime plan is tied to a similar "Pro+" plan and will include all future updates and new features consistent with this plan.
  4. For personal use only. The Lifetime Plan is provided per named customer and is absolutely not transferable to any other person or organization for any reason, in any way, or under any circumstances.
  5. Not for resale. The Customer may not resell the Service to any third party under any circumstances.
  6. Recent payments. All Customers that have recently purchased the annual subscription (starting from Nov 1) can request an upgrade to a Lifetime Plan for a partial surcharge. Please submit a request to our customer service until Nov 27.