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How to Use FXSSI Forecasts

The main idea that we have laid in these forecasts is to find the level that the price can reach within a certain period (day or week).

For example, if the forecast is Daily, we determine the level of Take Profit, which the price can reach for that day. However, we do not predict the exact time to achieve the goal, however, as well as what will happen after it.

It happens that the goal is achieved for 1 candle, and sometimes at the end of the specified period.

The level of Stop Loss is also determined in the forecast. As soon as the price touches this level, the forecast is no longer actual.

Forecast Rules

  • The forecast specifies all the parameters of the trade, both the entry point and the exit point;
  • The forecast is considered successful if the goal has been achieved, while the movement in the opposite direction has not reached the level of the stop order;
  • The forecast is relevant until the publication of the next forecast or 24 hours in the case of a daily forecast, and exactly one week, in the case of a weekly forecast.
  • If the forecast period comes to an end, and the goal has not been achieved, then the success of the forecast is determined by the floating profit (successful) or loss (unsuccessful).
  • If the price at the time of the expiration of the forecast remains within + 10% … -10% of the distance from the entry point to the target, then this order is considered to be with no result.
  • If the goal is achieved quickly, the new forecast for this pair will not be published;
  • The forecast can have two goals. In this case, the success of forecasts is considered solely on the first goal. The second goal is optional. It should be used if there are prerequisites for further movement.
  • If goal 1 was reached by the market without giving an entry point, the forecast can be considered canceled.


These forecasts and signals are for informational purposes only. We do not bear any responsibility for possible losses, and also do not provide financial and investment advice regarding this website section.

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