AUDUSD - Upward trend will continue, Long trade by market price recommended

January 24, 2023 2:11:12 PM by Alex Zarevich
Forecast Details
Direction Buy
StatusClosed (0.7090)
Jan. 24, 2023

+70 p
Target 1
-65 p
Stop Loss
Chart & Analyst Comments
  1. According to the most brokers’ data, more than half of the traders are currently in short positions on AUDUSD. As a result, we recommend considering only Long trades at this time.
  2. MVP line is below the price and acts as a support level.
  3. The SLC indicator displays the levels where there are Stop Losses acting as targets for our trading idea.
  4. Stop loss should be taken out of the sellers cluster. If the price passes it, it will likely go on.
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