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EURJPY - Downward trend will continue, Short trade by market price recommended

July 5, 2019 4:14:56 PM by Patrick Yang
Forecast Details
Direction Sell
StatusClosed (121.60)
Jul. 5, 2019
Jul. 12, 2019

-90 p
Stop Loss
+100 p
Target 1
Chart & Analyst Comments
  1. According to the most brokers’ data, more than half of the traders are currently in long positions on EURJPY. As a result, we recommend considering only Short trades at this time.
  2. The decrease in the sellers volume, together with the increase in the buyers volume, confirms the need to Sell according to our trading idea.
  3. We are setting the take profit of our Sell Order to the closest level with a large number of stop losses.
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