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The market has stabilized, the first signs of a downtrend appeared

August 12, 2019 9:56:05 AM by Patrick Yang
Forecast Details
Direction Sell
StatusClosed (106.70)
Aug. 12, 2019
Aug. 19, 2019

-120 p
Stop Loss
+130 p
Target 1
Chart & Analyst Comments
  1. The Current Ratio indicator have reached a critical value, too many traders expect an upward movement. In this case, we recommend to Sell only.
  2. The Ratios indicator shows the change in the ratio of market players towards buyers. Their increase while the downtrend may indicate the activity of averaging traders. This can serve as "fuel" for further downtrend.
  3. The activity of "fresh" bulls while the downward movement may indicate that the market crowd still does not believe in a Bearish trend.
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