XAUUSD - the pair is about to leave the range of flat

Alex Zarevich on FXSSI Alex Zarevich Expert
    index: 1x 0.04479193687439s
t_/pages/forecast: 1x 0.040066003799438s
t_/common/header-new: 1x 0.025470972061157s
t_/common/head: 1x 0.021560192108154s
t_/common/footer-new: 1x 0.0028350353240967s
router_page: 1x 0.0026078224182129s
router: 1x 0.0011341571807861s
t_/popups/on-download: 1x 0.00062704086303711s
service-routes: 1x 0.00049996376037598s
router_redirection: 1x 0.00018906593322754s
t_/popups/zoom: 1x 4.3153762817383E-5s
t_/common/cookie-banner: 1x 3.7908554077148E-5s
----- END OF DUMP (2023-05-29 17:41:05)  -----