FXSSI.OpenInterest Pro

The sum of all Sell and Buy orders held by retail traders.

Open Interest – an indicator that displays a graph of the total amount of opened Long and Short trades or, in other words, the total volume of opened orders in the market.

The indicator is ready for use and does not require special settings. Just drag the indicator onto the chart and select a color scheme.

Indicator Feautures

1. Select data type. You can switch between data types directly from the indicator window. There is no need to go into the settings and change something.

  • Positions – the total number of opened positions.
  • Orders – the total number of active pending orders.
  • V – volume – display data in lots.
  • Delta – display the difference between the current and previous value of open interest.

2. Minimize the panel. In case you need to free up space on the chart, the panel with buttons can be minimized by clicking on the “_” sign.


Indicator Panel Position. Choice of panel location: left or right.

Panel Initial Size. Determines the state of the panel minimized or maximized at the moment the terminal starts.

Indicator Window Size. Fixed or floating winow size.

Limit Displayed Data. This parameter determines the depth of the history that the indicator will try to display on the chart. However, this does not mean that he will be able to display it all.

Color Scheme. Switch between dark and light color scheme.

Indicator Line Width. This setting is responsible for the thickness of all lines in the form of a graph. Delta is always equal to the width of the candle.

Data by default. Which data should be displayed by default, Positions or Orders.

Type by default. Display by default, Delta or Value in lots.

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