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Sentiment index chart

Track market dynamics with he Ratios indicator.

The indicator displays the ratio of the traders' positions in the graph form. Data is available for 9 brokers and 12 currency pairs (the numbers are relevant at the moment of writing).

Is used for:

  • Direction confirmations for your future trades;
  • Mid-term trend determination;
  • Search for manipulative price movements.

Also, this indicator is suitable for beginner traders, because it gives you the opportunity to study the market mechanics.

The purpose of this indicator and the main differences from the  Current Ratio

If you compare this indicator to Current Ratio, which displays similar data but only for the current moment, then Ratios has several advantages.

It displays various manipulative movements in the past. Especially useful is the analysis of peak price values and indicator values on the appropriate candles.

Analyzing the history of the position ratio, the trader understands how the majority of traders operate in various market situations. These observations help them to develop working behavior patterns, that can be used during the trading process.

At the same time, the basic logic remains unchanged: If the majority buys, you should look for sale options and vice versa, if most traders expect the currency pair to fall, you should consider buying opportunities.

Ratio buy sell giude

You can read about other methods of analyzing the positions ratio in our “trading against the crowd" strategy guide.

Indicator Capabilities

The indicator displays historical data as a graph. The history depth depends on the subscription plan.

But you must also keep in mind that low-performance computers may not cope with the display of large data amounts. In this case, you should limit the displayed history in the indicator settings.

The list of the main indicator features:

  • Custom AVG formula – enter your own formula to calculate the average value of the position ratio;
  • Signal range – specify the signal data range frames;
  • Auto settings – the indicator is equipped with a function to automatically determine the color scheme and time zone.

In the settings menu, you can also enable/disable the display of a specific broker, as well as make the button active or inactive by default.


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