FXSSI.Derivatives Pro

Set of derivatives from the Order Book data

FXSSI.Derivatives is an indicator displaying a set of derivatives obtained from the Order Book data. These data can be familiar from the labels in DOM Snapshots tool, but represented in form of chart.


  • MVO – Middle Volume by pending Orders;
  • MVP – Middle Volume by opened Positions;
  • OB – overbought level;
  • OS – oversold level;
  • SR – support or resistance;
  • RP – gravity level;
  • PRA, PRB – in developing… Must be potential reversa levels.

Settings description

Derivatives Settings

MVO. Displays the level at which 50% of the total volume of orders is.

MVP. Displays the level at which 50% of the total opened position is located.

OB. Levels at which over 80% of buyers are in profit.

OS. Levels at which over 80% of sellers in profit.

SR. Automatically calculated maximum accumulation of limit orders which represents support or resistance level.

RP. Return point – the level to which the price tends.

PRA Potential pivot point above current price.

PRB Potential pivot point below current price.

Indicator Panel Position. Choice of panel location, left or right, top or bottom.

Horizontal Offset. Any value is set, the default is 300.

Vertical Offset. Any value is set, the default is 0.

Panel Initial Size. Choice of panel size at terminal startup.

Limit Displayed Data. This parameter determines the depth of the history that the indicator will try to display on the chart.

Indicator Line Width. The thickness of all labels line.

Color Scheme. Switch between dark and light color scheme.

1.0M .zip