FXSSI.TradingActivity Pro

Indicator displays increase and decrease of trading activity.

TradingActivity – indicator showing the change in the structure of sellers and buyers. Shows how many sellers / buyers have opened / closed transactions for the previous period.

The indicator does not require special settings, you can use it directly from the box, you just need to choose a color scheme according to your preferences.


1. Choice of data type. You can switch between data types directly from the indicator window. There is no need to go into the settings and change something.

  • Increase – the percentage of traders who opened a short or long order for the previous period (usually 20 minutes).
  • Decrease – the percentage of traders who have closed their buy or sell trades.
  • % – display the percentage change in buyers and sellers structure.
  • Delta – the difference between the increase and decrease in the number of sellers and the buyers.

2. Signal levels. When the Delta mode is on, signal levels appear on the chart.

It is possible to adjust the signal level by yourself.

3. Minimize the panel. In case you need to free up space on the chart, the panel with buttons can be minimized by clicking on the “_” sign.


Indicator Panel Position. Choice of panel location: left or right.

Panel Initial Size. Determines the state of the panel minimized or maximized at the moment the terminal starts.

Indicator Window Size. Choice of fixed or floating indicator window.

Limit Displayed Data. This parameter determines the depth of the history that the indicator will try to display on the chart. However, this does not mean that he will be able to display it all.

Color Scheme. Switch between dark and light color scheme.

Indicator Line Width. The thickness of all indicator lines. Delta is always equal to the width of the candle.

Delta Signal Level. The percentage at which the signal levels for the Delta parameter will be set.

Percent Signal Level. Percentage at which the signal levels for the Percentage parameter will be set.

Data by default. Display default data Increase or Decrease.

Type by default. Display default data, Percentage, Delta or Cumulative Delta.

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