Sentiment Pack (8)
Download the whole bunch of must-have sentiment indicators with only one click
  • ProPack
    Set of 8 Sentiment Indicators for MT4/MT5
  • OrderBook
    Open trades and pending orders of retail traders are displayed as a two-sided histogram.
  • Ratios
    The ratio of open positions of traders (SSI) shown as a chart.
  • ProfitRatio
    Highlights potential price reversal points on the chart based on winning/loss ratio.
  • StopLossClusters
    The indicator displays levels on the chart with the maximum volume of Stop Losses set by other market participants.
  • Derivatives
    Set of derivatives from the Order Book data
  • TradingActivity
    Indicator displays increase and decrease of trading activity.
  • OpenInterest
    The sum of all Sell and Buy orders held by retail traders.
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