MT4 Hot Keys

Hotkeys in MT4 help traders execute various commands and operations without resorting to menu and toolbars.

MT4 Hot Keys
Anna Shevelova Software Strategist
MT4 Hot Keys

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Below you can find a standard list of fast navigation keys (shortcuts) used in MT4 terminal. We marked the hotkeys that we believe to be really useful with an asterisk.

Chart Management Hotkeys
Leftwards ← Scroll the chart to the left
Rightwards → Scroll the chart to the right
Upwards ↑ Quickly scroll the chart to the left and, if the scale is defined, scroll the chart up
Downwards ↓ Quickly scroll the chart to the right and, if the scale is defined, scroll the chart down
Page Up Scroll the chart to the left to fit the screen width (fast chart scrolling)
Page Dn Scroll the chart to the right to fit the screen width (fast chart scrolling)
F12 Move the chart by one candlestick to the left
Shift+F12 Move the chart by one candlestick to the right
Home Scroll the chart to the oldest (first) candlestick
End Move the chart to the current point
Num 5 Reset vertical scale (if it has been changed). If the scale is defined, this hot key will get the chart back into the visibility range
Chart Layout Customization Hotkeys
"‒" Reduce the width of candlesticks
"+" Increase the width of candlesticks
Alt+1 Display the chart as bars
Alt+2 Display the chart as candlesticks
Alt+3 Display the chart as a line
Ctrl+G Display grid on the chart
Ctrl+H Display OHLC data in the upper left chart corner
Ctrl+L Display volumes
Ctrl+Y Display period separators
Ctrl+A Reset the height of indicators’ windows
Other Hotkeys
F1 Open MT4 “User Guide”
F2 Call the “History Center” window
F3 Call the “Global Variables” window
F4 Launch MetaEditor – an editor of indicators and Expert Advisors
F6 Call the “Strategy Tester” window; it works if only an Expert Advisor has been attached to the chart
F7 Open customization menu of the Expert Advisor which has been attached to the current chart
F8 Call the chart properties window (common chart settings and color scheme settings)
F9 Call the “New Order” window
F10 Call the “Popup prices” window – the equivalent of the “Market Watch” window
F11 Full Screen mode
Alt+A Copy the results of Expert Advisor testing and optimization to the clipboard
Alt+W Open the menu to select the current chart from those opened in the terminal
Ctrl+B Call the “Objects List” window
Ctrl+E Activate/deactivate Expert Advisor
Ctrl+F Enable “Crosshair” – the equivalent of clicking the mouse wheel
Ctrl+I Call the list of active indicators
Ctrl+P Print the chart
Ctrl+S Save the chart data as CSV, PRN, and HTM files
Ctrl+W Close the current chart
Ctrl+D Call the “Data Window” window
Ctrl+M Call the window showing available symbols – “Market Watch”
Ctrl+N Call the “Navigator” window (it is anything like a File Explorer in Windows)
Ctrl+O Call MT4 terminal customization menu
Ctrl+R Call the “Strategy Tester” window
Ctrl+T Call the “Terminal” window where data on account balance and transactions are displayed
Ctrl+F6 Activate the next chart window
Ctrl+F5 Switch to the next profile
Shift+F5 Switch to the previous profile
Common Hotkeys
Delete Delete the selected object or objects
Backspace Delete the last imposed object from the chart
Enter Call the navigation window in the lower left corner of the chart. In this field you can enter various commands which can:

  • Change a currency pair
  • Change a time frame of the chart
  • Find a certain time span in the history
Esc Close the dialog window
Ctrl+C Copy to the clipboard
Ctrl+Z Undo action (undo object deletion)
Alt+F4 Close MT4 terminal

You can also assign hotkeys in MT4 to run any Expert Advisor or indicator from the “Navigator” window. To use custom MT4 hotkeys, right-click on the selected item and select the Set Hotkey option from the drop-down menu. If the newly created hotkey coincides with the default one, the former will have greater priority over the latter.

We'd also like to add that you don’t need to learn all the fast navigation hotkeys used in MT4 by rote. Check out the tools you use and select the keyboard shortcuts that suit your needs.

Anna Shevelova
Anna Shevelova Software Strategist