February 13, 2020

Icons and Arrows in MT4

Icons and Arrows in MT4

MetaTrader 4 terminal enables placing various arrows on the chart. This is an in-built feature of the software, but many other arrows may be added in addition to the standard ones. More specifically, the terminal has a built-in font with arrows called Wingdings.

Adding and Customizing Arrows in MT4

To add an arrow to the chart, you need to find the corresponding icon in the upper panel of MT4 terminal or click InsertArrows. Next, select any standard arrow.

To change a standard arrow, double-click it so that its fringing appears, and then right-click the arrow itself and select Arrow properties…

In the window that opens, select the Parameters tab and change the arrow code to the desired one (from 1 to 255).

You can also customize the size and the color of arrow on the Common tab.

List of Available Icons and Arrows in MT4

The list starts with the number 33, which is preceded by several icons mostly used by MT4 terminal itself for technical purposes.

The table displays a code below an icon; the code should be entered in the Arrow code field.

Using MT4 Icons

These icons are widely used in the programming of Forex Expert Advisors and indicators. Various arrows and icons help programmers in better data visualization.

Normal users may use them as labels, trend indicators or a reminder that it is necessary to take out the garbage when they finish trading.

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