TOP 10 Most Profitable Companies in the World in 2019

TOP 10 Most Profitable Companies in the World in 2019

We have previously published the list of the most valuable companies in the world. However, it’s surprising that the list is very different from the current list of the most profitable companies.

The point is that a company may be valuable and sometimes even overvalued but generate less income than another analogous company.

We would like to introduce you to the TOP 10 list of such companies. In this article you’ll learn what companies yielded the largest revenue in the last year.

It should be noted that we have analyzed production output data and financial statements of companies as of January 11, 2019.

So, let’s start.

TOP 10 Companies in Terms of Revenues



$500,343 millions

Industry: Retail business.
Products: Bakery food, beers, frozen uncooked food, meat, pharmaceuticals, seafood, and other goods.

Walmart is at the TOP in the list of the most profitable companies in the world.

Walmart is the largest chain of multiple retail stores offering goods for lower prices than the average in the United States and Canada. It was founded by Sam Walton and is headquartered in Bentonville in the Northwestern part of the state of Arkansas.

Interestingly, Walmart has so far not managed to establish a delivery system as effective as that of, for example, Amazon.

However, sometimes the company brings original ideas to life. For example, buyers who agreed to deliver goods to their neighbors who purchased them online were offered a scheme of discounts in 2013.

Despite its first place in the ranking, Walmart has its shortcomings among which are problems with expansion, competitive battle against Amazon, and frequent criticism from its customers.

However, those are far from being critical, given Walmart’s capitalization level and international influence.

According to many analysts experts, Walmart may only “collapse” only under its “own weight”, due to its giant size. Nobody knows whether the giant with its archaic organization of work processes can quickly adapt to the rapidly changing market where you need to be ready 24/7 to readjust “your positions” promptly.


State Grid

$348,903 millions

Industry: Electrical energy.

State Grid Corporation of China is a Chinese power grid company and the largest company in its industry anywhere in the world. It ranks second in the TOP list of the companies with the highest revenues in the world.

State Grid was established in 2002 by decree of the State Council of the People's Republic of China as a by-product of the three-stage reform of the country’s power sector that started in 1986.

The reform splitthe previous State Power Corporation of China into two grid companies, preserving a state-owned electric power system. Nowadays, State Grid owns and runs five regional grid companies and 24 electric power companies.

The company primarily focuses on creation and operation of electric grids both within and outside China (for example, in the Philippines and Brazil). The corporation has a monopoly on power transmission and sales in the domestic market.


Sinopec Group

$326,953 millions

Industry: Oil refining.

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) is one of the most powerful Chinese state-owned companies and one of the most profitable companies in the world. It holds the third place in our TOP ranking.

Sinope was established in July 1998 after reorganization of the state-owned China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation which had been operating since 1983. Sinopec is involved in oil and gas fields exploration and development and also in processing and sale of oil and gas and their derivative products.

Interestingly, Chén Tónghǎi who in 2009 was sentenced for bribery to the most dreadful punishment – the death penalty – had been president of the company from 2003 to 2007.

It’s also funny that Wang Tianpu, the ex-head of China Sinopec Group, was sentenced to 15.5 years' deprivation of liberty for bribery, too, in January 2017.


China National Petroleum

$326,008 millions

Industry: Oil refining.

China National Petroleum is the biggest Chinese oil and gas company headquartered in Beijing. The company ranks 4th among the Fortune Global 500 companies that generated the highest revenues.

CNPC was founded on September 17, 1988 on the basis of business assets from the disbanded Ministry of Petroleum of the People's Republic of China. The primary task of the 100 percent state owned company is geological exploration of territories and development onshore and offshore fields of oil and gas.

The company has been doing international business since 1993. Its areas of interest include such countries as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Venezuela, Oman, Peru, Sudan, and Turkmenistan.


Royal Dutch Shell

$311,870 millions

Industry: Oil and gas extraction and refining, chemical production.
Products: Oil.

The British-Dutch oil and gas company ranks 5th in the Fortune Global 500 in terms of revenues. It is headquartered in The Hague (Netherlands).

The group of companies was established in 1907 through the merger of Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and The «Shell» Transport and Trading Company Ltd. The union became necessary to be able to compete with the American company Standard Oil in the world market.

The company does exploration and extraction of oil and gas in more than 80 countries. Shell owns, fully or partially, more than 30 oil refineries. The company also owns the largest network of fuel filling stations (more than 43,000) around the world. Besides, a large number of chemical plants belong to the company. Its areas of interest also include the production of solar cells and development of other alternative energy sources.



$265,172 millions

Industry: automobile manufacturing.
Products: automobiles.

Toyota, a Japanese company, started its operation in 1924 and was founded by Sakichi Toyoda. It is interesting that he didn’t even engage in manufacturing automobiles, but produced weaving looms. His son, Kiichiro Toyoda, took an interest in car manufacture and established a division for producing automobiles with the funds received from selling a patent on an intelligent production machine.

Annual sales of automobiles almost reached $249,9 bln. in 2017. At that moment, car sales in Japan itself declined significantly, which is a testimony to the company’s activity in the global market.

The headquarters is located in Toyota, Aichi, Japan.



$260,028 millions

Industry: Automotive.
Products: Cars.

The Volkswagen Group, a German automobile concern, includes 48 automakers from 15 European countries and 6 countries in America, Asia, and Africa.

The concern produces more than 26,600 cars daily while selling and providing after-sale services in more than 150 countries of the world.

Among divisions of the concern there are such well-known automobile brands as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Škoda, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Scania AB, MAN AG, Ducati, Porsche, and ItalDesign Giugiaro.

The Volkswagen Group is one of the largest shareholders of Suzuki Motor Corporation, a Japanese company. The headquarters of the company are in Wolfsburg, Germany, where the AutoMuseum Volkswagen is located.



$244,582 millions

Industry: extraction, processing of oil and gas.
Products: Oil.

At the beginning of the XXI. century, BP began to pay special attention to alternative energy and the reduction of emissions, namely of CO2, into the atmosphere.

BP initiated the “Clean City” campaigns throughout Europe, launched a program for the sale of greenhouse gas emission allowances and expanded the production of solar energy.

A subdivision for alternative energy was created, the task of which was to expand the company's capabilities in the generation of energy from solar, wind, hydrogen, and gas.


Exxon Mobile

$244,363 millions

Industry: Oil and gas industry.
Products: Oil.

ExxonMobil is the world's largest oil and gas company whose shares are freely traded on the open securities market.

The company operates production facilities, promotes products worldwide, and explores oil and natural gas on six continents.

This company is a leader in the oil and gas industry in almost all areas of energy and petrochemistry.


Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

$242,137 millions

Industry: Insurance, finances, railway transport, utilities, food and non-food products.

The company is known for its permanent owner, the American investor and entrepreneur Warren Buffett. It’s headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Affiliated companies:

  • GEICO (care insurance);
  • General Re (reinsurance);
  • Berkshire Hathaway Primary Group (insurance);
  • Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance Group (insurance and reinsurance);
  • BNSF — (railway transport);
  • Berkshire Hathaway Energy (electricity and gas supply);
  • McLane Company (wholesale commerce).

The number of participants of the annual meeting of its shareholders exceeded 40,000 people in 2015.

That’s why the meeting earned the facetious nickname “Woodstock for Capitalists”.

#11 – #50

Here you can see the remaining top 50 of the highest revenue companies in a shorter format:

# Company Income
11 Apple $229,234 millions
12 Samsung Electronics $211,940 millions
13 McKesson $184,840 millions
14 Glencore $205,476 millions
15 UnitedHealth Group $201,159 millions
16 Daimler $185,235 millions
17 CVS Health $184,765 millions
18 Amazon $177,866 millions
19 EXOR Group $161,677 millions
20 AT&T $160,546 millions
21 General Motors $157,311 millions
22 Ford Motor $156,776 millions
23 China State Construction Engineering $156,071 millions
24 Hon Hai Precision Industry $154,699 millions
25 AmerisourceBergen $153,144 millions
26 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China $153,021 millions
27 AXA $149,461 millions
28 Total $149,099 millions
29 Ping An Insurance $144,197 millions
30 Honda Motor $138,646 millions
31 China Construction Bank $138,594 millions
32 Trafigura Group $136,421 millions
33 Chevron $134,533 millions
34 Cardinal Health $129,976 millions
35 Costco $129,025 millions
36 SAIC Motor $128,819 millions
37 Verizon $126,034 millions
38 Allianz $123,532 millions
39 Kroger $122,662 millions
40 Agricultural Bank of China $122,366 millions
41 General Electric $122,274 millions
42 China Life Insurance $120,224 millions
43 Walgreens Boots Alliance $118,214 millions
44 BNP Paribas $117,375 millions
45 Japan Post Holdings $116,616 millions
46 Bank of China $115,423 millions
47 JPMorgan Chase & Co. $113,899 millions
48 Fannie Mae $112,394 millions
49 Gazprom $111,983 millions
50 Prudential $111,458 millions