July 6, 2019
People tend to treat something new with a grain of salt. Sometimes it comes to the point where new information is so incompatible with their firm beliefs that it results in a stream of ill-considered criticism. Our version of the “Trading Against the Crow
July 2, 2019
Bob spends much time every day sitting in front of his computer screen trying to profit from exchange rate fluctuations. He thinks he is an advanced trader since he read a great many articles and books on trading. He even developed his own trading strateg
July 2, 2019
We want to share some of our best practices and strategies based on the analysis of open positions of traders with you. You can use these strategies as a basis for making trading decisions or as an additional signal for an already proven strategy. If you’
May 20, 2019
In this article, we would like to discuss the problem of “secrecy” of the Forex market and help some traders understand certain things they don't seem to grasp. How does the Forex market differ from other stock exchanges, for example, the New York Stock E
April 23, 2019
Have you ever asked yourself why price goes up or down, and what makes it do so? A stock exchange order book can help us answer this question because it is based on the core principle of pricing. Understanding Stock Exchange Order Book Any exchange is any
February 7, 2019
The guide composing of five parts is intended to help beginners in mastering the Order Book and its derivatives faster. Order Book. Part 1. – Description of the Tool Order Book. Part 2. – Basic Signals Order Book. Part 3. – Ins and Outs Order Book. Part
April 11, 2018
This sort of information is not usually shared with the general public. In this article, we’re going to talk about the ratio of open positions of traders (we will test them). Before we get started, we would like to recommend you to read the following arti