April 11, 2018
This sort of information is not usually shared with the general public. In this article, we’re going to talk about the ratio of open positions of traders (we will test them). Before we get started, we would like to recommend you to read the following arti
December 11, 2017
Liquidity is the ability of assets to be sold quickly and closest to the market price. However, one definition is not enough to answer the question, what currency pair is the most liquid, since such liquidity must somehow be measured. Ideally, we calculat
December 11, 2017
You are probably familiar with the concept of "volatility". If not, we recommend you to get more information on the subject before reading article Volatility Explained in Simple Words. Here we will talk about the most volatile currency pairs in the Foreig
December 4, 2017
Introducing the world’s TOP 20 largest banks as of 16 January 2021. The ranking of the biggest banks is built according to banks’ total assets. Read more about this index at the end of the article. Different banks from China have taken the top spot for se
November 14, 2017
Most people know about the strongest, most stable, and powerful world currencies, for example, British Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc (Swissie), US Dollar, Euro, and others (see TOP 10 the strongest currencies) These Currencies are the most stable, as well a