September 13, 2019
In a recent MT4 update, developers added a new tab to the terminal. It was integrated into MT4 from a more up-to-date MT5 terminal and is called “Assets”. The “Assets” tab in MT4 displays summary information on the volumes of each currency for all open po
September 12, 2019
We all want to be on the plus side in Forex. But how do we assess our profitability? In most cases, we compare the amount of incurred losses with that of profit. However, this indicator alone cannot be a sufficient motivation. We risk falling into one of
September 7, 2019
Correlation is a statistical relationship between two and more random variables. The correlation coefficient usually varies from -1 to 1 or sometimes from -100 to 100. The correlation coefficient value of -1 means that there is an inverse 100 percent rela
September 6, 2019
A synthetic currency pair is a pair artificially created by opening two opposite positions for other currency pairs. As a rule, traders resort to the creation of a synthetic currency pair when a broker or a liquidity provider itself doesn’t have this curr
August 20, 2019
The “Dragon” pattern is a simple pattern of technical analysis that refers to reversal price models and its occurrence predicts the future change in the market tendency (trend). It is visually similar to the Chinese dragon. The “Dragon” pattern consists
August 19, 2019
“Three-Drive” is one of the simplest but effective patterns of classical technical analysis and also known as “Three Indians”. Its name suggests that the “Three-Drive” strategy involves identification of three points. These points should be on the same s
August 19, 2019
Many beginners experience difficulties mastering MT4 terminal. In this article, we’ll describe in details the process of templates installation and activation. If you don't have templates, you can download them here. Templates available online can be roug
August 16, 2019
MetaTrader 4 terminal enables placing various arrows on the chart. This is an in-built feature of the software, but many other arrows may be added in addition to the standard ones. More specifically, the terminal has a built-in font with arrows called Win
August 15, 2019
MetaTrader 4 templates are ready-made sets of visual settings. These settings can be applied to a separate window of the terminal that will result in changing its appearance as well as adding various indicators to the chart. Since the “factory” color sett
August 13, 2019
Most sources provide outdated information on carry trade strategy, in particular the interest rates of banks that underlie this strategy. If you are familiar with carry trade, you can skip the next paragraph and go directly to: Rating of currency pairs f