November 30, 2020
In one of our earlier articles we’ve described the top 10 most expensive currencies in the world, but our today’s list is going to be a bit different. What does the term “stable money” mean? Simply put, a stable currency is the one, which holds its exchan
November 22, 2020
If you are a forex trader, you probably fall into the category of either scalp trader or day trader. The line that distinguishes the difference between a day trader and a scalp trader is a blurry one. A day trader is broadly defined as someone who does no
November 12, 2020
Forex candlesticks originated from Japan a very long time ago, and they have become popular since then. What makes them the preferred chart type for many Forex traders is that every single candlestick contains information about the opening price, closing
November 11, 2020
Are you trying to master the concept of trading supply and demand in Forex? While Forex supply and demand is certainly an advanced trading strategy, it allows you to truly understand the building blocks that make up a market. The reason price fluctuates o
October 28, 2020
Alongside Googling “how to make money online”, entering a search query asking “how to become a successful Forex trader” is going to yield almost as many misguided and sensationalist recommendations. Unfortunately, these simple questions do not have simple
October 23, 2020
Low price doesn’t always mean bad quality. In fact, you may find yourself making good money by investing in a bunch of inexpensive shares. Lots of stocks under ten dollars have a great potential to generate profit in the long run. Some of cheap stocks pay
October 16, 2020
The difference between a lagging indicator and a leading indicator is pretty self-explanatory. A leading indicator identifies a signal before a trend breaks out or price reversal comes into effect. In contrast, a lagging indicator identifies signals after
October 16, 2020
“What is the best timeframe to trade in Forex?” Isn’t that the question that many traders, especially the novices have asked themselves? When MT4, with just nine timeframes, was the only available trading platform for Forex retail traders, this question n
October 16, 2020
If you’re a Forex news trader, then with no doubt you’ll understand that finding the right NFP trading strategy could well be considered the holy grail. We have to make it clear that learning how to trade NFP is not for the faint hearted and should only b
September 25, 2020
In the capital markets industry, a lot of emphasis is put on timing, and this is especially true for the online Forex trading niche. Visit the website of any Forex broker or platform provider, and one of the first points they’ll make is how fast your orde