August 8, 2019
The number of those who’re new to our business increases every day. Many of them face a number of typical mistakes (step on a rake) of a young investor. You need to know everything about mistakes to avoid them. Maybe we should start with a start-up capita
August 8, 2019
“Head and shoulders” pattern is probably the most famous of those occurring in the market and the one from which people start getting to know technical analysis and the market as such. This pattern is considered a reversal one that indicates a change in
August 5, 2019
The “Flag” pattern is a technical analysis tool that predicts continuation of the current market tendency (trend) and consists of two parts: the “flagpole” and the “Flag” (the channel within which the price moves). Here is an example. If we consider the
August 4, 2019
The “Pennant” pattern is a technical analysis tool; when the pattern is complete, trend continuation is expected. The pattern itself represents a temporary pause (retracement) in the actively developing trend. The “Pennant” pattern consists of two parts:
August 1, 2019
The “Wedge” pattern is a technical analysis tool that predicts the approaching market tendency (trend) change. The “Wedge” is visually similar to the “Triangle” pattern and only different in the way that both of its forming lines are facing in the same d
July 30, 2019
The “Triangle” pattern is a simple technical analysis tool which is a series of falling tops and rising bottoms (4 points are required to draw the pattern). Simply put, it represents two lines crossing each other and thereby forming a triangle. Here’s an
July 24, 2019
Forex patterns are price models which often repeat in the market and result in certain regularity in the future price behavior. In other words, pattern-based trading should give a percentage advantage in determining the direction of the subsequent price m
July 22, 2019
Let's start this article by asking this question: “How much money can you afford to lose as a result of your next trade?” If your answer is one of the following ones – 2% of deposit, 30 points or $16, then you should still read this article, since you can
July 20, 2019
Most traders use a trend line (hereinafter referred to as “TL”) both to analyze and make trading decisions that makes TL an important working tool for technical analysis. We stressed the word “working”, because we believe that the simpler the technical an
July 19, 2019
Almost all users use the long-outdated MT4 terminal, although there are more up-to-date and efficient terminals already. However, it is hard to give up this habit, since most of the programs, indicators and Expert Advisors are coded exclusively for MT4. S