November 26, 2019
Hello, our dear readers! In this article, we’re going to give an overview of our two proprietary indicators for MT4 terminal: Current Ratio – displays the current ratio of positions. Ratios – displays the ratio of positions in the dynamics. Understandin
November 26, 2019
Now you can find a new tool called “Percentage of Traders in Profit” or, to put it more simply, Profit Ratio, in the Tools section in addition to the existing ones. Profit Ratio is a tool developed according to the Order Book, so it will work best in conj
November 15, 2019
The most popular way to make money from Forex trading is to exploit strong trends. However, your favorite currency pair(s) will not always deliver the persistent moves you’re looking for. Let’s see which currency pairs are most suitable for trend followin
November 10, 2019
Fractals are indispensable assistants for Forex traders. For the first time, the concept of “fractal” was developed and introduced in trading by the guru of technical analysis – Bill Williams – in his book “Trading chaos” published in 1995. That was the f
November 9, 2019
All traders coming to the Forex market are, first of all, handed a chart, by which they must predict the future price movement. In most cases, it is a two-dimensional chart constructed along the price and time axes. As traders become more experienced with
November 8, 2019
Our journey began with Forex, like many others. In our search for profits, we came to the futures market, and our basic analysis tool was the footprint. We’re going to tell you about it in this article. We access the footprint with the ATAS platform. Scie
November 6, 2019
One day I came across a link to a binary options broker’s website. Well, I thought it was time to figure out what binary options were and understand why the industry was growing so fast. In principle, I knew before what binary options were and how they wo
November 6, 2019
With this manual, we’ll teach the terminal to signal when the price hits a certain price level via voice messages. The feature is useful, since enabling such alerts will help you to reduce the time spent in front of the computer monitor. This Forex life h
November 6, 2019
In this article, we give an overview of an interesting and unique proprietary indicator for MT4. It’s the OrderBook indicator transmitting data from the Order Book tool to your favorite MT4 terminal. Some Words About Theory OrderBook (order book or depth
October 30, 2019
We would like to share our ideas about one of currently effective tools for the currency market analysis with you and also introduce you its slight modification. Next comes a discussion of portfolio of Forex orders provided by one of broker and displayin