March 9, 2021
Pivot points are potential turning points for currency pairs in forex. Prices often react when they get close to these levels, offering trading opportunities to forex traders. However, predicting forex pivot points could be difficult sometimes because the
February 27, 2021
Identifying the difference between overbought and oversold Forex markets can provide the backbone to a number of trading strategies. If you can make the distinction, then you can shift the odds further in your favour by avoiding going long or short agains
February 22, 2021
As children, we are taught by our elders the basics of crossing the road in a safe and secure manner. We are instructed that there’s a simple process we must adhere to. We learn that there are definite rules to Think, Stop and Look, before crossing. Would
February 22, 2021
Fundamental and Technical analysis are the two approaches to trading forex. Fundamental analysis relies heavily on being able to measure the performance of the economies of currencies. And one way to go about this is through the news. As a result, there a
February 14, 2021
If you trade any sort of trend following strategy, you’ve at one stage or another wondered if the pullback you’re watching is just a retracement or a full reversal. By learning the key differences in the retracements vs reversals argument, you’re able to
February 10, 2021
Trading the news has a number of advantages. First of all, you know in advance the exact time when you’re going to trade. Secondly, the price movement is almost always guaranteed. The latter, in fact, is the source of profit on the Forex market. Naturally
February 6, 2021
You’ve probably heard something along the lines of “the Dow gained 15 points today” or “NASDAQ index is down 40 points”. What does this mean, and what is an index? Simply put, a stock market index is a relative term for a “basket” of securities combined t
February 4, 2021
As you no doubt already know, over 90% of forex traders lose money overall and end up quitting. With the market being a zero sum game, this means that just 10% of forex traders are profitable, taking money from the losing 90%. In an environment such as th
January 31, 2021
Are you familiar with the golden ratio? About how the ratio of the length of your forearm to the length of your hand is 1.618, the golden ratio. Or how the ratio of the temperature of an average human (37 degrees) to the perfect room temperature is 1.618.
January 20, 2021
Drawdowns happen to everyone all the time. They are as much a part of trading as profits and order execution. That’s why you never hear about eliminating them. Rather, it’s always about how to reduce a drawdown in Forex. The foundation of every trade is a