September 22, 2020
One of the first things anyone learns when they start out as a Forex trader is understanding and applying support and resistance levels in their trading strategy. The concept of support and resistance is helpful on so many levels (no pun intended). Suppor
September 16, 2020
There is no shortage of financial instruments on offer for investors and speculators to trade. Almost anything that can be, has been turned into a security or a derivative and made tradable in one way or another. Everything from valuable and practical com
August 29, 2020
The majority of Forex traders are you and I; retail traders. We make up over 90% of all traders. The remaining 10% (or less) are smart money traders, such as banks. Smart money traders make the largest and most consistent profits between these two categor
August 29, 2020
An Order Book gives traders valuable insight into the market. When you trade on an exchange, whether it be Stocks, Futures or Cryptocurrencies, all of these exchanges provide an order book. You can see the Buy and Sell Limit Orders from other members of t
August 29, 2020
One area where all traders struggle with is determining where to place their stop loss. New traders are repeatedly told to stick to a strict risk-reward ratio and religiously follow their trading plan. Fiddling with a Stop Loss can be a sign that you are
August 29, 2020
Most people know that Forex is the most traded, most liquid and most open market in the world. The foreign exchange market is tradeable twenty-four hours a day, five days a week. High availability is one of the most attractive features of trading in Forex
August 19, 2020
Selecting the most appropriate amount of leverage for your Forex trading account is an important consideration that needs your full attention. When you are transitioning from demo trading to real trading, leverage is something you may have overlooked so f
August 19, 2020
Many experienced traders can make it look as if Forex is easy. Just as many professional race car drivers make what they do look easy. It takes a lot to be successful in anything. The truth is, Forex is hard work to learn. It doesn’t require any special s
August 11, 2020
Whether you are trading Forex or any other asset class, you are using one of two orders types; a Market Order or a Limit Order. Any other order types you may be familiar with are just variations of Limit Orders and Market Orders. In this article, we’ll lo
August 9, 2020
One of the strangest terms that might have come your way as a Forex novice is ‘broker’. You may have learned that brokers always have trading platforms where you can view charts and tattoo them with the squiggly lines as you see on the charts of advanced