October 23, 2019
Probably every trader came across the abbreviation of CFD, at least once. However, if you ask traders what this means, the answer in most cases will be something like this: “It’s a kind of Forex, but only for stocks.” In principle, it’s close to the truth
October 20, 2019
We are pleased to present you the last part (move to previous part) of our guide "mastering the Order Book". Here you’ll find some examples of the order book analysis. We would like to focus your attention on the complexity of the analysis: first, severa
October 20, 2019
In the previous parts of this guide, we have mainly studied a visual analysis of the order book. However, it has derivatives data in a digital form in addition. It might be interesting for you to know how many traders hold Buy positions now and what the p
October 20, 2019
We continue looking into the Order Book.The previous part of the article addresses basic signals which can be received with the order book. In this part, we’re going to tell you about the ins and outs of trading with the order book. The information prese
October 20, 2019
In the first part of this guide, we looked at fundamental principles of the Order Book formation. In the second part, we’re going to speak about basic signals which can be generated by the order book. There are only 4 basic signals – 2 signals for the l
October 7, 2019
“Double top” and “Double bottom” patterns represent classic models of price behavior that occur after a long-lasting trend is established, while “Double top” pattern can be found after an established uptrend, and “Double bottom” pattern appears after an e
October 7, 2019
Today we’re going to talk about a simple, but very useful and informative indicator called StopLossClusters. This product was developed by the “fxssi.com” project and is available for downloading for participants of the membership club. Before we proceed
October 4, 2019
The largest US Forex brokers publish data on the profitability and unprofitability of their customers on a quarterly basis. They do it in accordance with the terms of the National Futures Association regulator. Of course, we will not be able to benefit fr
September 19, 2019
Timeframe is a way of grouping prices to display them on the chart in a more convenient manner. There are numerous types of timeframes, but the following ones are the most common: M1 (one-minute); M5 (five-minute); M15 (fifteen-minute); M30 (thirty-minut
September 17, 2019
Successful Forex trading requires not only a good trading system, but also understanding of all the market processes, their correct interpretation, and application. In technical analysis, you can often come across a phrase “gap in Forex”, which is a quite