October 30, 2019
In the previous article, we’ve already mentioned such a notion as retracement, namely, its varieties: narrow, wide, and sideways retracement. It’s crucially important to distinguish one from the other if trading is not just a game for you. In this article
July 24, 2019
Forex patterns are price models which often repeat in the market and result in certain regularity in the future price behavior. In other words, pattern-based trading should give a percentage advantage in determining the direction of the subsequent price m
July 20, 2019
Most traders use a trend line (hereinafter referred to as “TL”) both to analyze and make trading decisions that makes TL an important working tool for technical analysis. We stressed the word “working”, because we believe that the simpler the technical an
April 26, 2019
Currency pairs correlation is usually the thing that all have heard about before but nobody really knows how to use it properly. We’re going to tell you about a simple and sound strategy of practical application of the correlation that does work. First, l
June 22, 2018
If it seems to you that price doesn’t hit your Take-Profit order level intentionally and constantly or you simply don’t know where to set your take-profit, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to learn at what levels take-profit setting
April 25, 2018
We suppose that you’re already familiar with the concept of stop-loss. However, let’s learn what the right stop-loss means. In theory, the right stop-loss is that kind of stop-loss where price keeps moving further against your position (after the stop-los